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making more christmas songs

2011-11-23 21:17:38 by Dachampster

havent been very active but who cares really


2010-12-14 01:13:23 by Dachampster

Still bogged down with crap.

I have 2 new christmas songs ironed, pressed, and ready to roll off of the assembly line. So yeah watch out for that this week.


2010-08-02 18:21:16 by Dachampster

I'm in the process of writing everything out and gathering the soundtrack. If I can find a programmer, This game will be amazing, I promise

Nobody reads thiss

2010-06-14 23:32:55 by Dachampster

who cares

Help- I need someone who can help me make a platformer game in Flash. I'm ok in javascript, so its not too different- I took a class. But I have no idea where to start. If you can help me, please send me a PM or just write a comment. I dont plan on anything special right now, just a simple game.


2010-05-01 00:04:37 by Dachampster

I'm so tired I'm delirious! I've nearly uploaded a half-dozen songs this week!!!

Also, since I'm excellent in Javascript, I'm making an interactive flash comic. It has nothing to do with the story at all, besides the characters. Its going to be in black n white, except for the attacks. You will get to choose what E-man will do to defeat his partner, Mari. Each circumstance will have three choices. One outcome will be failure, one will be success, and one will be semi-failure, with a 2 choice circumstance following it. One will lead to the success outcome and one will lead to the failure outcome. Its not that hard, actually. I mean, I've scripted calculators before. I'll try to master my pen tablet for this.

Anyway, if you have any requests for a video game theme i should do, say something.

But what are the chances this will get read by anyone other than me when i visit my page to check to see if anyone has?


2010-02-10 17:46:33 by Dachampster

if i make one, will anyone watch?


2009-09-04 11:35:12 by Dachampster

This is how it will all go down...


Superkid Preview Coming up

2009-07-17 21:58:09 by Dachampster

And by soon I mean in a looooong time.

I promise you though, Superkid is going to hit Newgrounds like a tidal wave. It's all depending on my laziness and if I can finish though this. I have always had a hard time finishing through things, and I've been meaning to start at least the preview since late March. This animation will have a cartoony, simplistic style, but the storyline is serious and sometimes gritty. I have poured blood, sweat, and tears into the development of my characters, and how they act and react to certain things that may trigger results of past events. Some of my characters have a very complex story, others not as much. I am also trying to jam pack the script with interesting and funny content for the first episode. I am tired... so much typing, re-typing, and re-re-typing. I am hoping that people read this message and decide whether they want to support but those chances are slim.

Here's a picture detailing a bit of my style. Drawn with the macbook trackpad. Obviously not actual quality, but just a quickie I did in flash. This is Mari, the most complex character I have. He is the secondary main character. I'm sure you will get to know and love the purple-haired war general.

Superkid Preview Coming up

Still in need of voice actors...

Regular adult (if you have already tried out, than dont worry)
Edgy rough deep adult voice
Young teen voice

Need Voice Actors (funny picture included)