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2010-05-01 00:04:37 by Dachampster

I'm so tired I'm delirious! I've nearly uploaded a half-dozen songs this week!!!

Also, since I'm excellent in Javascript, I'm making an interactive flash comic. It has nothing to do with the story at all, besides the characters. Its going to be in black n white, except for the attacks. You will get to choose what E-man will do to defeat his partner, Mari. Each circumstance will have three choices. One outcome will be failure, one will be success, and one will be semi-failure, with a 2 choice circumstance following it. One will lead to the success outcome and one will lead to the failure outcome. Its not that hard, actually. I mean, I've scripted calculators before. I'll try to master my pen tablet for this.

Anyway, if you have any requests for a video game theme i should do, say something.

But what are the chances this will get read by anyone other than me when i visit my page to check to see if anyone has?


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